From casual labourer to wellness guru, Esther Mukami’s infallible will to win serves as an inspiration to up and coming entrepreneurs.
A student of leadership, enterprise creation, development & growth. Leonard Mudachi is a Hospitality & Entrepreneurship professional who is keen on creating exportable African brands.
Mohamed has experience in many levels of business. From the fuel industry all the way to the insurance industry.
Like many in the field, Zayeed’s career in business started off on a bumpy road. Today he is a fully-fledged entrepreneur with investments in multiple sectors.
Riziki has always looked at the silver lining - even in the most challenging situations. She’s a strong believer in picking yourself up if you fall down and pushing on through until you attain success.
Sumayya has challenged the disparity that exists between women and men in business. Her passion for leadership and resilience in the field have seen her grow to become one of the few women CEOs in the region.